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When Fire, Water or Mold Damages Your Home or Business, Call Us 24/7 For Emergency Service!

I thought you cleaned the carpets?

Our High-Tech Carpet Cleaning Process Passes the Crawling Baby Test!

I thought
you cleaned
the carpets?

Our High-Tech
Carpet Cleaning
Process Passes
the Crawling
Baby Test!

Kalamazoo Restoration

When disaster hits your home or business, the ability to act quickly becomes your most important ally. We specialize in Kalamazoo fire and water damage cleanup and mold removal.

The trusted professionals at Recovery Restoration know firsthand that repairing your property damage as quickly and efficiently as possible remains your number one goal. Whether you need relief from fire or water damage, mold, smoke or odors — our highly trained experts stand ready to restore your home to its original state.

Since tragedy strikes at any time, we offer 24 hour emergency service in Kalamazoo and the surrounding area. Whenever you need help, we will be there.

When a fire breaks out, the damage done to your home causes great pain to the homeowners. Not only do the scars of a traumatic experience haunt your walls, but the value of your home greatly diminishes. Our fire restoration services recover your home to the way you bought it, eliminating the fire damage with our state-of-the-art restoration equipment.

Whether caused by a faulty water heater, a flash flood or broken pipes, water damage plagues households all over the world. Posing a threat to the floor and furniture in your house (especially with hardwood floors), assessing the situation as soon as it strikes helps prevent further damage in the future.

Hazardous to your health, mold causes respiratory and other health issues throughout the household. A professional needs to remove the mold immediately; you can not live with mold damage spreading in your home. Our skilled technicians excel in mold removal, keeping you and your home safe.

Not only limited to residential services, Recovery Restoration also provides help to commercial buildings suffering from fire, water and mold damage. Our trained professionals also work with municipal, government and educational entities.

For more information on Kalamazoo fire and water damage cleanup from the experts at Recovery Restoration, contact us here or contact us directly at 269.245.0406.