Don’t Try To Remove Mold Yourself

Don’t Try To Remove Mold Yourself

When mold breaks out in your home, you and your family become vulnerable to hazardous health issues, such as respiratory problems. Triggering allergic reactions, the constant coughing and wheezing convince homeowners to take action in their own hands and remove the mold themselves. Don’t try to do this; it causes more harm than good.

When most people try to clean mold themselves, they inadvertently release mold spores airborne. Without the proper cleaning methods and tools, the imminent spread of mold spores triggers asthma, sneezing, watery eyes and illness if especially hazardous mold.

Mold comes in many forms. The average person won’t know what type of mold covers their walls. With some molds more dangerous to clean than others, contact an experienced professional to examine the mold to ensure a safe removal. Attempting to get rid of toxic black mold tends to intensify the issue. Inadequate cleaning allows the black mold to remain, hidden yet still deadly.

You also won’t necessarily know the cause of the mold. Cleaning the mold without addressing the actual cause solves nothing. Your hunch on what caused the mold only goes so far, and ineffective remediation allows the mold to grow back. With years of experience, trained professionals know how to locate the source of the mold and eliminate it.

DIY Solutions Don’t Work

Many websites offer easy, do-it-yourself solutions to remove mold. However, these DIY mold removal methods tend to only hide the problem instead of actually solving it. Painting over, spraying with bleach and scrubbing the mold with soap and water risks sending the mold airborne, escalating the issue throughout the home. Too stubborn to kill with household cleaning methods, mold requires special equipment to effectively remediate.

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