Industries We Serve

Disaster hits all types of buildings. At Recovery Restoration, we serve a wide range of industries than can be negatively affected by fire, water and mold damage.

When the safety of your family, employees, students, customers and visitors — as well as delays to home life or daily operations — quick cleanup is your only option.



When your home suddenly becomes compromised, you need a quick and efficient solution to rid the damage. Whether you reside in a condo, townhouse, apartment, trailer or even a mansion, our highly trained professionals take special care of the damaged items within your home.



Damages to your commercial building not only cost the company and create a nuisance, but also delay business. Get your office, retail center, store or other commercial business running again with the help of our skilled professionals.



Cities and towns need to run smoothly, so damages to municipal buildings cause detrimental blocks to progress. That’s why Recovery Restoration offers their services to the municipal buildings in the Grand Rapids area and beyond.



Often devastating to your company’s normal operations, industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses require our specialized equipment for restoration.



Schools, important for the education of America’s future, refuse to wait indefinitely for recovery. Our team restores public and private schools, as well as colleges.



Recovery Restoration offers their services to government entities affected by fire, water and mold damage.


For more information on Kalamazoo fire restoration and water damage from the experts at Recovery Restoration, contact us here or call us directly at 269.245.0406.