Commercial, Educational & Government Services

Mold, fire and water not only affect your home, but your commercial property too.


Known for our commitment to restoring damaged houses, Recovery Restoration also recovers commercial, educational, municipal and government buildings throughout the Kalamazoo area. The longer you wait on the problem, the more the problem grows. Most commercial buildings suffer from a large loss of valuable assets when disaster hits. Your business or government entity cannot afford to wait. Call our 24 hour emergency service center to receive an inspection as soon as possible.


When water, fire or storm damage strikes a commercial building, it affects valuable forms and equipment. Electronic equipment, the lifeblood of many businesses, need restoration immediately. Electronics affected by water damage require drying using special techniques and equipment — paper towels just won’t do the trick. Fire and soot corrode the metal surfaces of your electronics.


Removal of the damaged parts call for the help of a professional. Your data and electronics require extra care with time-effective restoration. To prepare you for the next time disaster strikes, Recovery Restoration offers pre-loss planning to guide you on the steps to protect your commercial building. By planning out effective responses to the unexpected, you can save the valuable equipment and infrastructure within your office and get back to business quickly and efficiently.


Although most known for our water damage, mold removal and fire restoration services, our skilled professionals can tackle many requests outside the box. Commercial, educational, municipal and government buildings all need different services to accommodate for the damages done. Our team excels in repairing drywall, removing and installing carpet, cleaning vandalism, deodorizing, reconstructing and other services that require close inspection and care.


For more information on Kalamazoo commercial, educational and government services from the experts at Recovery Restoration, contact us here or call us directly at 269.245.0406