Water Damage

From broken dishwashers to severe flooding, water damage often leads to additional problems throughout the interior of your home or office.

When left untreated, water rots wood, rusts steel and de-laminates plywood and other materials. When water damage affects your home or office, do not wait to react. Address the issue immediately by contacting a trained professional to assess the damage. The longer you wait on the problem, the more the problem grows. Call our 24 hour emergency service center to receive an inspection as soon as possible.


With specialized equipment, our skilled technicians remove the excess water. Powerful pumps and vacuums extract the water, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to dry. We then examine any carpet to determine if it requires removal. Though the interior may appear dry, water may still remain hidden underneath the surface. We use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the area, reducing the risk of future mold damage.


We closely inspect the floors, walls and furniture for moisture to prevent further water damage, such as swelling and warping. Once dry, your effected belongings need a good cleaning. We scrub and sanitize all affected areas. After careful and extensive cleaning, we identify and eliminate the intense odors caused by water damage. Most of the odors that persist from water damage can not be treated by typical air fresheners. Our specialized deodorization tools and techniques help erase more powerful odors.


Once cleaned, restoration begins. To return your home or office to its original state, our skilled technicians repair or replace damaged drywall, carpet, paint and other affected areas. If needed, we remove and install new hardwood and tile floors. We also do major repairs, such as reconstruction of a room, if necessary.


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