Preventing Weather Damage

Preventing Weather Damage

Unpredictable storms sweep in and damage your home without warning. While we cannot control the weather, but taking proactive measures helps you to prevent weather damage.

Leaking water damages the interior of your home. Prevent rain and hail from seeping into your home by closing and sealing all windows. Oftentimes a storm with high winds causes rain, hail and debris to blow into the open spaces of your homes, leading to tarnished carpets, wood floors and window sills.

Make sure that your gutters are working — clogged gutters or ones that aren’t properly fitted for your house damage your shingles and the portions below terraces. The roof prevents water from entering your home; maintaining a sturdy gutter system protects the roof from water damage.

If tall trees decorate your backyard, you risk strong winds blowing down large branches against your house. If powerful enough, projectile branches can be lethal. Have the dead and unstable branches trimmed to shield you and your family from danger.

Check your chimney annually. Depending on the shape of your roof, your chimney collects as much water as your gutters. Seal up your chimney indefinitely if not used, or shrink the opening of the chimney as small as possible. If your house contains a sump pump — a device that drains water from your basement — make sure that it runs as this device can save your home from flooding. Most homes lack a sump pump. If you frequently experience flooding in your home, consider investing in one.

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you follow the guidelines mentioned above. If you run into frequent problems when dealing with harsh weather or other restoration processes, our highly skilled team offer free estimates.

For more information about preventing weather damage from the experts at Recovery Restoration, please contact us here or call us at 616.293.2595.

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