Choosing A Restoration Company

Choosing A Restoration Company

After fire, water or mold damages your home, your insurance company offers  help with claims and recommends restoration companies.

However, insurance companies rarely keep your best interests in mind. Most insurance agents recommend restoration companies that the company signed contracts with. In order to reduce claim costs, they try to convince you to use their companies, whether or not that works well for you and your budget. No law exists requiring you to choose the restoration company your insurance agent suggests; so remember, the choice is yours.

Your legal right to work with any restoration company — whether suggested by your insurance company or not — allows you the freedom to pick the best fit for your needs. When choosing the best option for you, your insurance company prioritizes their convenience and affordability over yours. To find the perfect fit for your needs within your area, contact various restoration companies for rates and specific services.

Since your insurance company often profits when you choose their partner company, the majority try to sway you away from choosing your own. Some companies even threaten that they won’t handle the claim efficiently if you use a third-party restoration company. Do not fall for this scare tactic. They remain legally bound to handle your claim whether they want to or not.

Choosing a Restoration Company

To choose the best restoration company for you, ask these important questions: . Has the company previously worked with your insurance company, what their relationship is. Also ask about their experience with your specific issue, and the overall history of the company working on this type of project. Be sure to compare their pricing with the company insurance company offered.

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